A selection of sculpture between 1970 and 1990

Dance with Spheres, 1970, resin & glassfibre, steel wire and 3 dancers, Goldsmith’s College.

Plant Material, 1973, Steel, polystyrene, chicken wire and plaster of paris. 3 metres diameter, St Martin’s School of Art.

1)  Phlebas the Phoenician, 1975,  in the Whitechapel Art Gallery (Plaster, chicken wire, scrim and woodstain. 4 metres long)

2) Palinuras' Tomb, 1975, on the South Bank (Terrossa ferrata and steel. 4 metres)

3) Bones 1974

Plaster, chicken wire and woodstain (2 and a half metres long)

4) maquette, 1974, for Boat with Passenger (clay 20cms long)

5) Boat with Passenger, 1974, in St Martin’s (Resin, glassfibre and aluminium. 3 metres long)

6)The Jester's Strange Meeting, 1976, (Ciment Fondu and steel. 2 and a half metres long)

7) Twins, 1982, clay, in progress

8) Twins, 1982, (cast aluminium, glassfibre and resin). Life size.

9) Stranded, 1974-2007, (cast aluminium, glassfibre and resin and plants).

10) Dragon, 1984, Children's play sculpture (steel, chickenwire cement and newspaper 4 metres long).

11,12,13) Heads

14) 1983, maqette for Come in Under the Shadow, plaster, steel and scrim, 1 x 1 metre

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